We are launching and introducing token to authorized exchange offices for valuation

All steps of this service have been done and after evaluating and testing the services, the services will be uploaded and usable. A small step remains until the launch

How to cover insurance costs:
To reimburse the cost of insurance, register on the site by presenting a valid passport and complete details, After registration, pay the cost of issuing the insurance policy on the blockchain platform by purchasing HOPE currency, and after payment, you will be able to use the insurance services completely and safely, to use the services after registration and payment, Our experts will guide you to receive the services and you can easily upload and send your documents and treatment form to your personal expert. The dollar equivalent of the treatment will be paid to the address of your wallet that you introduced to the site during the registration process. Details on how to register, deposit, submit documents and pay can be found in the relevant section. Also to the amount of your deposit at the beginning of registration, Annual interest will be accrued on a daily basis and added to your deposit at the beginning of each month. The deposit amount can be fully withdrawn and post-withdrawal treatment services will be canceled.

Project stages:
1. Understanding the treatment and insurance industry 2. Market research at the macro level of all countries 3. Creating a specialized team and receiving specialized advice 4. Creating a safe, transparent and reliable platform 5. Marketing and AirDrop 6. Receiving shareholders and sales representatives and concluding contracts 7. Providing services to less developed countries 8. Update HOPE, to facilitate and increase the speed of service 9. Establish official representation in countries agreeing to welfare services 10. Update HOPE to provide other insurance services 11. Add housing insurance, fire insurance and freight insurance services and … 12. Providing services to developed countries 13. Concluding contracts with health care centers, hospitals 14. Updating the HOPE and Method of payments to individuals and legal entities 15. Creating a safe environment for direct payment to medical centers and removing the patient from the payment section (The patient is easily discharged after receiving treatment services and his treatment costs will be paid automatically through HOPE to the treatment center)