Welcome to Airdrop

The token is ready to be donated, you will need the following to receive this token for free:
1. Register the address of the wallet to receive the token
2. Follow the following virtual pages
Do not leave our virtual pages until deposit ,Leaving before depositing the token will cause non-deposit.
Your own link to advertise and receive more tokens:

By sharing the above link, you will be assigned a number of tokens to the number of people introduced by you.

You can get major distribution tokens in AirDrop, Buy some tokens (in this section) directly from the site, your purchase will be credited to your wallet as soon as done
And AirDrop will be deposited separately at the specified time, Priority is given to people who have purchased the token.
The approximate value of each token will be $ 1, with the purchase of AirDrop for each $ 0.6 token you will gain several steps. (40% discount)
This token will replace the traditional insurance industry, read the token white paper for the best decision.

Please follow our pages and then fill out the airdrop form. Do not leave the pages until the AirDrop deposit

Airdrop registration (Powered by TRC20, TRON)

It should be equal to your registered email on virtual pages (Twitter and Instagram)

Referral Information

It should be equal to your registered email on virtual pages (Twitter and Instagram)
Tutorial for making a trust wallet at the bottom of the page
Which pages did you follow
Be sure to follow our pages before the final registration of the form and leave our pages until the token deposit

Learn how to make a wallet in trust wallet

Code (QRCode) to scan, to fill in the contract address section to make a wallet

(third level)

Or copy the following address in the contract address field: